The MiPosaur combines two things that kids of all ages will love: an MiP robot and a dinosaur! Mix them together and what will you get? Your new bestfriend, the MiPosaur!

How Much?

The MiPosaur is expected to sell for $119.99.

Who Would Buy The Miposaur

Technological advancements in the field of toy development is enabling manufacturers to come up with cutting edge and highly advanced toys. This easily whets the appetite of kids and adults alike, as they are more than willing to pay for toys that will give them enjoyment and satisfaction. In addition, parents have recognized how effective robotic toys are in honing the motor skills and spatial reasoning of their children, which is why they will not hesitate to purchase the MiPosaur for them.

Things We Like About The Miposaur

Everywhere, you will see robotic toys, ranging from cute animals to action figures. But turning a dinosaur into a robot is definitely a very good touch on the part of the manufacturers. We only see dinosaurs made out of rubber or plastic material, and it is very refreshing to see these prehistoric creatures in all their robotic glory.

And oh, how glorious it looks! In sleek black, the MiPosaur has blue glowing eyes that add a touch of ferocity to it that we truly love!

Most of all, however, we like how responsive the MiPosaur is. This is thanks to GestureSense Technology, which allows it to respond to a simple swipe of your hand or finger.

You will never get bored when you’re with the MiPosaur. You see, it has 6 different game modes, which you can activate with a simple turn of the knob. Of course, it also has its moods, and it will react differently depending on what that is. It’s almost like you are interacting with a pet, but this time, it’s a robot, and it’s a dinosaur!

Things We Did Not Like About The Miposaur

Some may find the $120.00 price tag slightly steep.


WowWee guarantees high quality in its innovative products. Although details on the applicable warranty are not readily available, you can be sure that you will be protected as a consumer.

Is The Miposaur Worth The Money?

Considering its many features and capabilities, you will realize that, in the long run, the $120 that you will spend on the Miposaur is money well spent.

Where Can I Buy The Miposaur?

You may purchase the Miposaur from WowWee and other authorized stores and marketplaces. If we are to make a recommendation, however, you should go for Amazon. It has already established itself as a reputable retailer, getting the trust of millions of buyers all over the globe. The Miposaur is also available in Amazon, and you may purchase it from them while taking advantage of their Free Shipping. The money you were supposed to spend on shipping can be spent on other things, instead. Like another MiPosaur, perhaps?

Final Thoughts For The Miposaur

The MiPosaur is one dinosaur that you would not want to get away from you, so order yours today!

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