LEGO Jurassic World

Jurassic World is now on LEGO, which means you can build your own prehistoric park, filled with your favorite dinosaurs! You can pretty much relive your favorite adventures from the films, and maybe even create your own! How Much? The prices for the various LEGO Jurassic World sets vary, but they cost anywhere from $19.99 […]

Crayola’s Color Alive Easy Animation Studio

Kids these days can now create stop-motion animation and cartoons by themselves. Sounds impossible? Not with the Crayola’s Color Alive Easy Animation Studio around to make that happen! How Much? For only $24.99, you get the complete set, which contains an articulated mannequin, a 30-page coloring book, tracking markers, and colored pencils. Who Would Buy […]

Lammily Dolls

There was a time when the only “doll” that we knew of was Barbie. Of course, that is no longer the case, as more dolls joined her. One of the recent dolls to join the fray is Lammily, and she is the most realistic we have seen so far! How Much? Lammily Doll has a […]


Star Wars fans, rejoice! There is another Star Wars-themed toy to accompany those lightsabers, Darth Vader costumes and Yoda action figures in your collection! It’s Furbacca, which is inspired by everyone’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca! How Much? The price for this furry Wookie is $79.99. Who Would Buy The Furbacca Anyone – and we mean, anyone […]

Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table

If there is one thing that is sure to get everyone’s motor running, it is the idea of playing in the water. Thanks to the Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table, your little kids can do that in the safety of your own home! How Much? The Splish Splash Seas Water Table from Step2 is […]

Rat King’s Daughter Monster Dolls

Straight from the upper echelons of Boo York royalty, the daughter of the Rat King is here to make her presence felt. Yes, the Mouscedes King is joining the ranks of the much loved Monster High dolls! How Much? You can get your own Mouscedes King Monster High Doll for only $19.99. Who Would Buy […]

I Am Elemental

I Am Elemental is the feminine take on the usually male-dominated field of action figures. These action figures for girls are not only representative of superpowers, though, since they also teach young girls everywhere about core traits and values such as Courage and Persistence. How Much? A single I Am Elemental Superpower, such as the […]

Dino Pet

Dinosaurs may not be the first thing that will come to mind when you think about “pets”, especially for kids, but with the Dino Pet, it works perfectly! How Much? You can purchase this BioPop product for $59.95. Who Would Buy The Dino Pet? With so many plushies and toy animals in the market today, […]

Star Trek Tribble Coin Purse

Yes, it is possible to be geeky and yet fashionable at the same time. All you need is the right attitude, that Trekkie vibe, and the Star Trek Tribble Coin Purse, and you are all set! How Much? This Star Trek-themed coin purse from Crowded Coop is priced at $12.99 each. Who Would Buy The […]

Star Trek Laptop Bag

The list of official merchandise related to the Star Trek franchise is getting longer and longer. And they are also getting even better. One of the latest offerings is the Star Trek Uniform Laptop Bag. How Much? You will have to spend $49.99 to get your hands on this Star Trek-themed laptop bag from The […]