Sick Science Kits

Let’s face it: motivating children to enjoy learning science is quite difficult. But with the right tools, you can actually make it happen! The best tool is on hand right now, with the Sick Science Kits from Steve Spangler Science. How Much? Most of the kits are priced at $14.99, with a few of them […]

Insta Snow

Playing in the snow is an experience that everyone relishes, especially kids. Unfortunately, you have to wait for several months before you can go out to play in the snow. With the Insta Snow powder from Steve Spangler Science, you no longer have to wait. How Much? You can buy the 100-gram bucket of Insta […]

EZ Grip Ball

There isn’t a toy more versatile than a ball. Get your hands on a ball and you can come up with various games and activities with it, whether by yourself or with a group of people. However, with the inflatable E-Z Grip Ball, the possibilities have become seemingly endless! How Much? One E-Z Grip Ball […]

Crush It!

Aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player aside, a bat can provide hours of fun and fulfilling physical activity. But if the bat is more than your average bat, it is even more enjoyable! The Crush It! bat is an innovative take on your classic bat, and it is guaranteed to make the experience even […]

Air Pogo Extreme

Defying the laws of gravity is a thought that is relished by many, not just kids. With the Air Pogo Extreme, this is actually possible. You can bounce, swing, twist, twirl, fly, float, jump and spring, and have extreme fun with this pogo on a rope! How Much? Air Pogo Extreme has a list price […]


Rubber tubes will never go out of style, but sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit, just to keep them from being boring. Then came Ubertub, a new and modified take on the classic rubber inner tubes that we grew up with and have grown to love over the years. How Much? The […]

Slime Baff

For many, bathing in slime may not be the most appealing idea, but if you are a child, the idea is one that denotes something fun. Just by sprinkling the powder called Slime Baff on bath water, you can turn it into gooey and fun slime, which can spell a magical bath time for you […]

Play All Day Elmo

Intended for children ages 18 months to 4 years, Play All Day Elmo is a cuddly and interactive to that features over 150 responses and 8 activities and games to stimulate your child’s imagination and engage his or her passion for learning. How Much? Hasbro has tacked on an estimated selling price of $60.00 for […]

IO Hawk

The IO Hawk is a self-balancing device that combines two functionalities in one package: as a skateboard and as a Segway. How Much? The expected selling price of the IO Hawk when it is finally released is $1,799.00. Who Would Buy The IO Hawk? These days, personal mobility devices are gaining more attention, and the […]

GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine

Item Review– GoldieBlox The GoldieBlox is a design toy as well as book collection that is specifically tailored to girls. It has a storybook, character figurines, and a construction set– everything that every little lady needs in order to develop, discover, and also enjoy at one go! Exactly how Much? GoldieBlox comes in various sets […]